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Spending foolishly

I recently read an article in a newspaper talking about the trend of traveling amongst rich (rather super rich?). After quickly going through the headline my feeling was…well many rich people might be traveling more and why not when they have all the money and few things on the wishlist to grab.But it was not all about people spending on vacation but about making the craziest dream come true.Right from celebrating a birthday party at one of the islands of Maldives or a cocktail party at one of the most exotic resorts abroad…reason for celebration? The sixth business deal!

Spending foolishly is a never a good thing no matter how much money you have.But, what surprised me most was celebrations has not only crossed the walls of the home but the boundaries of the country. Well, when this is happening in India, our next door neighbor, traveling is still not for vacation for us.

Less than a year ago, I planned for a quick vacation abroad. This was definitely not a first journey abroad but the first journey abroad for sole purpose of a week long vacation. Passing through the immigration, an official asked me the reason of travel and I said just to travel as a tourist.He shook his head in such a manner as if I said something that he was hearing for the first time. And asked me again, ” I understood that but you might have an invitation letter for a workshop or a training or something like that?” I little upset waited for his green signal to proceed but he would not let me go unless his senior official asked me to do so. To my surprise there was not even an option of tourism or vacation on the departure slip that I filled up at TIA.

However, to accept things have changed a lot in a year of time.I made quickly through the immigration when I simply said the name of the country I was visiting. No more questions and surprising looks! But is this really enough to promote the traveling culture? Is this a money issue or simply an attitude that says vacation is a simply a luxury meant for rich only.

Not to be forgotten budget tour operators offer budget tour package starting from Rs 500 per day with accommodation and meals.Outbound package? The 4 nights trip to destinations like Bangkok comes around Rs 45,000. Besides, there are many options of traveling by surface, picking up a home stay and traveling in a group among others that will certainly cut down your expenses. So, with this, is it the time for me to say Bon Voyage?

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