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Saurha was just a small village in Chitwan district, close to Rapti River before it grew into a town full of western style hotels and resorts. It is situated 23 KM from Narayanghat city and very close to Chitwan National Park.

The national park area is one of the most preserved conservation area. If you have been dreaming to see wild animals very close with your naked eyes, this is where your dream comes true. You can weather choose a Jeep or an elephant to go for jungle safari. If you are lucky, you will have an excellent opportunity to meet animals like rhino-shores, Royal Bengal Tiger, sloth bear and others.

During the evening you can enjoy array of food and drink by the side of Narayani River. The cultural dance of local Tharu group can also be a unique experience. A memorable tour to Tharu village- to know their culture and lifestyle is also awaiting you at Sauraha.

Getting there:

It takes you less than 25 minutes if you wish to fly and luxury tourist coach is also available in the morning.