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A new trend to be welcomed

The decline in the number of tourist arrivals at the time of the year when we all were expecting the arrivals to escalate is definitely not a positive thing. But as they say, every cloud has silver lining…so there is definitely some thing to look forward too despite the decline. If we look it from the other side, Nepal is being a favorite destination for tourists not only for the month of October and November but for the entire year. So, this is the time we get ready to welcome our guests all the season offering them the suitable packages.

The tourism market of Nepal no longer relies on the India travelers nor on the European completely. The increasing number of tourist from different nationalities is some thing we should give a serious thought to. Tourists have started trekking through out the year, no matter of chilling weather in January or the rainy monsoon of June.

The new trend in the business is something that can help to boost the tourism further. Only what requires is some serious effort to analyze the trend and to come up with suitable packages and their promotions from the government as well as private sector.



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